Patient Testimonials

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“I was recommended to try acupuncture by my Chiropractor. My health insurance covered my acupuncture treatments which was also a plus. I have structural issues with the curvature of my spine and my mid back is always tight and in spasm. I can’t quite pinpoint how it works but IT DOES! Not only did it help me with my pain levels and muscle tightness it helped me relax and alleviated a lot of stress at the same time. During the treatments for some reason I was able to achieve a level of rest that I otherwise never get at home. I feel that adding acupuncture along with my chiropractic care really worked very well together. Even if I didn’t have health insurance coverage, to me it would have been well worth the investment of time and money. I would recommend acupuncture for anyone who is looking to feel better!”

–Sean O’Riordan, 32, High School Guidance Counselor

“I am a 49 year old woman who suffered from fibromyalgia for 10 years. My conditions improved in terms of my ability to move, my energy levels, I am not tired, and my overall health condition has improved. I’m not the same person, my life has changed forever. NO PAIN!!! [Dr. Rizzo] was my last resort for treating fibromyalgia. My primary care doctor could not believe that I no longer have tender points.”

–Patricia M., 49, NJ State Employee” 

Dr. Barry is the best provider of chiropractic care that I have ever experienced. He is truly setting the pace as a leading care provider in South Jersey providing proven methods of care and treatment. Dr. Barry is greatly respected among peers and patients alike and creates an atmosphere of healing with his high energy and positive attitude toward care and treatment. It has been an absolute blessing to receive both treatment and friendship from this great care provider.”

–Rev. Kevin Peterson, Senior Pastor at Second Baptist Church of Pedricktown