First Visit

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Here’s What to Expect

1. Welcome!  A staff member will warmly greet you and help you fill out a forms to help us better care for you. You can download and print the forms at the link above or fill them out when you arrive at our offices.

2. Your Consultation.  You get a short tour of our offices before you your doctor to help you become more familiar with who we are and how we can help you. Then your doctor will discuss the issues you’re experiencing, any pain you’re in, and how you’re feeling that day. During this time, it’s important that you explain as much as possible about your concerns and what is bothering so your doctor can recommend the best care. As our patient, you’re not just a number or a diagnosis—our goal is to understand the source of your pain and get you back to the source of your wellness.

3. Your Care.  Your treatment plan may begin immediately or your may recommend X-rays or other tests to help decide the best treatment.  Your doctor will thoroughly explain your results, including what the findings mean for your pain and future health concerns. When your care plan is discussed, a team member will go over cost and insurance coverage.